First Touch Content Guide

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The first touch is an excellent opportunity to create a lasting impression on your consumer. It should be something short, something that provides quick value a piece of content that asserts its presence within social media. 


There are a multitude of ways we may suggest for you to perform the first touch’, but here are a few examples:


Note, there is a surplus of room for creativity when coming up with your first touch’ strategy.


In most cases it takes seven touches before a consumer takes action. Keeping this in mind when utilizing small-valued content, you can perform these touches at a much lowered cost than if you were to use a regular promotion like an optin or product campaign.


You may be wondering what the point is to all of this, and that speculation is great.


Using small value touches allows you to build a quick and efficient relationship with your consumer. This opens the door to opportunities for you to move the user down the funnel while creating better audiences for promotions later on.


As someone engages with your small value content, you can create an engagement audience. This allows you to retarget engaged users with other kinds of content like blog posts (which we will discuss in another guide).


Once you have chosen what your first touch will be, you can then begin testing that content.


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